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What is the principle of the structure of the electric heating reactor

The constitutive principle of the electric furnace device is generally composed of the boiler body, agitator, jacket, supporting device, transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. Electric heating reactor heating methods include electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, hot water (cooling), open flame, etc. The jacket type has jacket type and outer half pipe type.
Since the electric heating furnace is oxidized at high temperature and does not fall off, the heating furnace can be directly heated. Moreover, the electric furnace has good corrosion performance and does not rust during use. In addition, the heat transfer effect of the electric heating furnace is better than that of the enamel reactor, and the heating and cooling speed is faster.
Electric heating reactor electric heating furnace has good processing performance. According to process requirements, different shapes and structures can be used. You can brush the wall of the pot. And it won’t hang on easy-to-clean materials. In fact, in general, due to the excessive power consumption of the electric heating rod, the electric heating stainless steel reactor consumes more power than the steam heating furnace.
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