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Classification and maintenance requirements for jacket forms of electric heating reactors

The electric heating reactor has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, sanitation, rapid heating, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic boiler heating, and convenient use when used. When used, it is widely used in dyes, medicine, petroleum, chemicals, and rubber. , Food, used to complete vulcanization, nitrification, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes.
To a certain extent, the electric heating reactor is mainly to participate in the mixing of its reactants. When it is used, it can be effectively cooled, heated, liquid extraction and gas absorption and other physical changes require the use of a stirring device to get a good result. It can design and process the outer coil reactor for customers.
The use characteristics of electric heating reactor
The electric heating reactor is mainly composed of its jacket, stirrer, pot body and lid during the production process. During the operation, its material and openings can be based on the user’s process to a certain extent. Requirements to be formulated, under normal circumstances, the form of heating will be electric heating, oil heating, air heating, water heating (or cooling), open flame heating, etc.
Classification of jacket forms of electric heating reactors
The outer half-tube type and jacket type of the electric heating reactor, the heating type and the jacket oil will be equipped with a diversion device during the operation, and the stirring type will generally have a spiral type when in use. , Wall scraper, paddle, anchor, frame and other components, high-speed types include dispersed impeller, turbine, high shear, and propeller, for customers to choose according to the process.
To a certain extent, the transmission form of the electric heating reactor can be effectively divided into its frequency converter, electromagnetic speed regulating motor, ordinary motor and explosion-proof motor, etc. When in use, the heat exchanger will have a worm gear type, a planetary stepless variable speed type and Cycloidal pin wheel type, shaft seal is ordinary water-cooled packing seal, combined PTFE packing seal and mechanical seal. The discharging forms include ball valve and down valve.
Maintenance and troubleshooting of electric heating reactor
1. The electric heating reactor is operated strictly in accordance with the working pressure and temperature calibrated on its nameplate to a certain extent, so that its danger can be effectively avoided.
2. The electric heating reactor needs to strictly abide by the regulations on its oil filling and cooling in the instruction manual of its product, and to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of its equipment to a certain extent.
3. When all the valves in the electric heating reactor are used, the valve stem (needle) should be slowly rotated to press the cover tightly to achieve a sealing effect. Do not use excessive force when closing, so as not to damage the sealing surface.
4. The electric control instrument of the electric heating reactor should be operated by a dedicated person, and overload protection facilities should be set up according to regulations.
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