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Application characteristics and installation requirements of spiral plate heat exchanger

Spiral plate heat exchangers are widely used in many fields by virtue of their performance, such as petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery, heating and heat recovery of waste gas and liquid. Typical applications are the processing of rich and poor oil in alcohol processing and coking enterprises. Compared with other types of heat exchangers, spiral plate heat exchangers have long heat transfer channels, larger flow channel spacing, smaller flow resistance, high temperature resistance, and less leakage.
Because of this, in practical applications, the spiral plate heat exchanger can achieve higher heat exchange efficiency. Moreover, the temperature of the cold medium after heat exchange is easily close to the temperature of the heating medium, which is suitable for heating or cooling of viscous materials and materials containing granular materials, but not suitable for heat exchange of materials containing fibrous materials. In addition, the equipment can also be used for condensation processing of organic compound vapors. For users, the equipment is small in size, compact and reasonable in structure design, and high in heat transfer efficiency. It is suitable for liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, gas-gas convective heat transfer, steam condensation and liquid evaporation heat transfer, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine , Machinery, electricity, environmental protection, energy saving and industries that require heat conversion.
It should be noted that it needs to be installed reasonably in actual applications. In fact, the installation and layout of spiral plate heat exchangers often depend on the equipment connected with it, and follow the principle of conforming to the process and shortening the length of the pipeline. For example, the heat exchanger, reboiler and condenser of the tower should be arranged near the tower; the reflux condenser of the tower should be arranged as close as possible to the reflux tank and reflux pump.
In addition, when pumping liquid from the tower kettle through the heat exchanger, the spiral plate heat exchanger should be as close as possible to the tower kettle, so that the pump suction pipe is short to improve the suction conditions. If you need to arrange and install independently, especially large heat exchangers should be arranged outdoors as much as possible to save workshops.
At the same time, the maintenance space needed to be reserved around the spiral plate heat exchanger needs to be taken into account when arranging. It is generally required that crane beams, ground rails or other maintenance facilities should be installed when the car crane cannot approach the heat exchanger during maintenance. The heat exchangers can be arranged individually or in groups, which can save space and are neat and beautiful. If the operating temperature is higher than the natural point of the material above the heat exchanger, such as no floor or platform separation, other equipment should not be arranged.
In addition, when arranging, there should be a horizontal distance of 1 meter between the spiral plate heat exchangers and other equipment. If the location is restricted, it should not be less than 0.6 meters. Moreover, the arrangement height of the spiral plate heat exchanger should meet the requirements of process piping, and leave room appropriately.
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