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The components and control requirements of the outer coil reactor

The outer coil reactor is a comprehensive reaction vessel to a certain extent, and the structure, function and accessories of the reactor will be effectively designed according to its reaction conditions during operation. From the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge, the pre-set reaction steps can be completed with a high degree of automation, and the temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blast, etc.), reactants/products during the reaction process Important parameters such as concentration are strictly regulated. The structure of the outer coil reactor generally consists of a kettle body, a transmission device, a stirring device, a heating device, a cooling device, and a sealing device. The outer coil reactor is a kind of reaction equipment. You must pay attention to it during operation, otherwise it will be damaged due to many reasons and cause the production to be forced to stop.
To a certain extent, the outer coil reactor must be operated in strict accordance with its rules and regulations. It is necessary to effectively check for abnormalities before operating. During normal operation, the upper cover and the plate must not be opened. To avoid electric shock; do not operate under pressure; during the pressure test with nitrogen, carefully observe the change of the pressure gauge to reach the test pressure, and immediately turn off the nitrogen valve switch; the heating speed should not be too fast, and the pressure should be performed slowly , Especially the stirring speed, only allowed to increase slowly.
The outer coil reactor is effectively designed and manufactured according to its material production requirements and user needs to determine the pressure, temperature, material and type of stirring device, and its speed, sealing structure, heating method, etc. when in use. So on the whole, the outer coil reactor equipment has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sanitation, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic boiler heating, and convenient use.
To a certain extent, the outer coil reactor has been widely used in pesticides, dyes, medicine, petroleum, chemical, rubber, food and other fields. It is mainly used to complete vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization, condensation and other processes. . It can be said that in industrial production, the working process of the external coil reactor equipment can be regarded as a prerequisite for the full mixing of the reaction materials.
To a certain extent, the outer coil reactor is equipped with a corresponding stirring device for heating, cooling, liquid extraction and gas absorption and other physical changes during use, so that it can ensure good results and can also The outer coil reactor is designed and processed according to the actual requirements of users.
The outer coil reactor is mainly composed of a pot body, agitator, jacket, support and transmission device, shaft sealing device, etc. The materials used are mainly determined according to the user's process requirements. The heating methods include electric heating, oil Heating, air heating, water heating, open flame heating, etc. Jacket types include jacket type and outer half tube type, and the oil heating type of the jacket is equipped with a diversion device. Because the outer coil reactor adopts a spiral-shaped outer coil half-pipe design, it not only reduces the wall thickness of the kettle body, improves the pressure bearing capacity of the kettle body, but also helps to improve the heat transfer efficiency.
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