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Quick opening high pressure furnace overview

The quick-opening high pressure furnace is a product with a fixed lid and a body that can be raised and lowered and rotated based on the basic laboratory reactor. It has the following advantages: the kettle cover is opened quickly; the kettle body can rotate 120 degrees to pour materials. The heating furnace can be easily and quickly installed and removed. Because it can meet more complicated process pipeline configuration requirements, and the operation is more convenient and safer, it is favored by the majority of users. Heating methods include resistance furnace electric heating, jacket heat conduction oil electric heating, and far infrared electric heating. The heating can be adjusted by PID automatic temperature control and manual temperature control, and the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃; through the stepless speed regulation and speed display function, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily; so as to achieve automatic heating, automatic constant temperature, and stepless speed regulation the goal of.
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