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Product description
The concentric double-shaft stirred tank has a strong non-standard degree, and can be selected according to the characteristics of the material with a variety of blade forms. The conventional blade forms include anchor type, butterfly type, frame type, screw type, horn type, etc.;
The high-speed part is equipped with a high-speed dispersing head or emulsifying and homogenizing head, which is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, adhesives, etc.;
For materials with temperature requirements, a suitable mold temperature machine can be matched, which can be operated independently and has high temperature control accuracy.
Production capacity: 50-2000L
Material viscosity: ≤1 million cps
Application fields: lithium battery slurry, sealant, silica gel, adhesive, ink, food, medicine, cosmetics, new energy materials and other industries.
Applicable materials: solid-liquid, liquid-liquid dispersion and mixing, mixing of various fluids with a viscosity of less than 1 million CPS and a solid content of less than 85%.
This machine uses two motors to provide power separately. The high-speed decentralized shaft is driven by belts or synchronous belts. The power loss is small, and it is equipped with high-end frequency converters for speed regulation. The decentralized disk is driven by the high-speed shaft to perform high-speed operation and perform Powerful cutting function.
The low-speed shaft is driven by a sprocket chain, with a high transmission ratio, and is equipped with a fixed-speed reducer, which can transmit large torque, driving the stirring shaft to make a circular motion along the axis, and the whole animal material to rotate along the axis. The stirring blade is equipped with a scraper. The wall device realizes the wall-to-wall movement without dead corners on the inner wall of the barrel; the equipment transmission mechanism and the mixing system are lifted and lowered as a whole by a hydraulic plunger system.



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